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Feedback to the Pinkslip on a Poll

Question: Who will win the elimination chamber?

Shawn Michaels will win Triple H is a jerk

Triple H lost cleanly twice in three weeks, I have to admit that he is my favorite wrestler, but has become stale. I like Booker T and thinks he deserves a title run, but I don't see it happening just yet. Kane would make a respectable champion, but for how long? Shawn Michaels would make the feel good story of the year, but can his back hold up for a title run? Jericho does not need the belt to get over and van dam doesn't either.

It Will Be Shawn Michaels who wins tomorrow becuz hes comin bak an he needs to start off his new career with a BLAST!!!!!!!!

I feel Im smarter than everybody so booker will win not the heart break kid or rvd or the game or the big red retard LEGEND holla at legendnice@aol.com

Steiner is going to screw HHH.

I think these people don't know how to vote worth shit because Shawn Michaels is going to take all the way,why? Because he is the best, and he is going to prove that HBK is back and back to stay.

Question: What did you think of the Elimination Chamber?

Would like to see pictures or video of it

I thought RVD should have won but shawn michels is ok i guess

give it one more time

you need some better questions

Hi my name is Scott i'd like to say if i had seen the elimination chamber i would of voted for it was great.But really the only reason i said this is because i haven't seen WWE in a year because i can't get foxtel or any other cable.I love the WWE it is my life long dream to be a wrestler and i'm going to do what it takes.

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