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Mr. Perfect does not write this column.

Welcome to the Perfect Perception.  You are about to be wowed by my expertise.  Several new issues have hit the wrestling world this week, so lets get straight to them.

I am sure many of you have, by now, read rumors that the World Wrestling Federation is close to renaming itself WWE, or World Wrestling Entertainment.  Am I happy about this?  Of course not.  I do not want to lose the WWF, even if it is just its name.  The WWF has created a name for itself; it has created an identity, and I am pissed that they have to lose it.  Losing your identity is horrible, just ask Brutus Beefcake.  I realize that our WWF has no control over this; it is the World Wildlife Fund's fault (or whatever the hell they are calling themselves these days).  Sure, the Wildlife foundation does great work, and I believe that animals need to be protected, but I do not believe anyone is confusing them for the World Wrestling Federation.  Come on, get real.  They are an organization, thus claiming the URL www.wwf.org.  Anyone trying to find their site should be smart enough to realize that the .org extension is for organizations like the Wildlife foundation.  A .com is more often a commercial site, which is what the World Wrestling Federation is.  

It was weird reading the Ross Report this week and seeing him talk about WWE superstars.  Lords of Pain is reporting that the WWE.com domain has been purchased by OUR WWF, so at least they have something to fall back on.  Already we are seeing potential logos appear on various internet sites.  I, personally, won't believe it until I get official word from the World Wrestling Federation myself.  All of the merchandise will be changed.  Everything will be changed.  Am I happy?  No.  Will I live with it, I suppose.  I just wish something could be done for the WWF.  I will still continue to call the World Wrestling Federation the WWF until I receive official word about the change.

Goldberg:  The next big thing?
Word has broken this week that Goldberg is now a free agent.  Will he do anything for the WWF?  I don't think so.  He will not bring any new fans to the WWF.  He would suck in a million dollars from the company, and do virtually nothing for them.  It would be a bad bad investment for the WWF, almost as bad as the 800 year deal the WWF signed with Mark Henry back in 1996.  

On the other hand, Goldberg would be great in one of the upstart promotions, such as the XWF and the Jarrett's NWA.  Now, I don't know much about either of these promotions, mainly because they don't get the national exposure to make them mainstream.  Goldberg in either of these places would give them the big name that they need to generate some revenue.  The likelihood this will happen, though?  Slim to none.

Right now, it looks like Goldberg is talking with a Japanese promotion about him possibly signing with them.  I doubt this will happen, either, but just thought I would pass it along.

Goldberg is also a huge liability for whatever, if any, promotion he signs for.  Just ask the great Bret Hart.  Goldberg abruptly ended this legend's career with a botched move to the head.  Hart suffered a concussion that he will probably never recover from.  If Goldberg can do this to Hart, what will he do to anyone else?  I don't want to think about it.  Goldberg has a temper, which can be proven by the fact that he screwed up his arm again by punching a car.  I guess Goldberg is not the world's smartest man, like Lanny Poffo.  

Final Comments
I didn't really get any comments worth publishing last week.  Certainly someone has something noteworthy to pass on to the public at large this week regarding the topics of this column.  Do you like Goldberg?  Do you hate him?  What do you think about the WWE?  Let me know.  My e-mail address is perfectperception@hotmail.com.  Once I start getting good comments, I will post them in a section of the column.  It will be entertaining.  Trust me, trust me, trust me.

Until next time,

The PerfectOne

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