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Perfect Perception by the PerfectOne

Where the heck have Dan Glamour and the PerfectOne been? Do you really care to know? Dan and I have no true way of telling if you really care about us and the Outside Influence. We get no feedback. The only time we really heard anything from people was when I made fun of Joanie Laurer, and it was from all her fans. Does it really require me to take cheap shots at people in order to get someone to pay attention? Dan and I have some really cool ideas for the site, but do not want to implement them unless we know that people really gave a damn. I know we're getting traffic. I can see that. However, it's nothing substantial. Trying to get listed with Yahoo or the Open Directory Project is harder than I thought. These sites are not wanting to add us for some reason or another, and I'm not really sure why. At first I thought it was because we had pictures of wrestlers on the main banner, so it was changed. However, other sites have these and they're still listed. So, who knows. Do you want to show you care? Submit this site to these search engines and directories. It is not effective for me to do it alone. The Outside Influence is a community of wrestling fans.

The site is intended to be a "pulse" of outsiders looking in on the wrestling industry. True, many sites have opinionists, but Dan and I truly believe we have a lot more to offer in terms of humor and history. Trust me, we know our stuff. Dan's been to several events, including WrestleMania XVIII. He's knowledgeable and credible. I have been a fan for the past 13 years. Anything I am interested in, I have to immerse myself into it. As a result, I have to know as much as possible about the industry in order to maintain my sanity. Trust me, I know a lot more than what I may throw at you in my previous columns.

In short, give us some feedback. We'll update more and add more features if we knew what the readers thought. I'd like to thank the person who e-mailed me asking why there have been no recent updates. Unfortunately, I accidentally deleted the e-mail, so I can't quote you in here like I have been known to do. See my Joanie Laurer fans rant if you don't know what I'm talking about.

There's a lot going on right now in wrestling. Goldberg's signing, the return of Piper's Pit, injuries, Willie the Worker at 1wrestling.com, etc. I'd be thrilled to comment on these, but only if I knew that people would read and take in what I'm saying.

Until next time, I am

the PerfectOne

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