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Perfect Perception by the PerfectOne

Just when we see the birth of a new stable, which could ultimately lead us to the promised land in terms of storylines in the WWE, stupid injuries have to take all the momentum out of it.

It is being reported at various places around the internet that at a houseshow in Reading, PA, that both Randy Orton and Dave Batista have suffered rather serious injuries. This, added to the fact that Triple H is constantly wrestling while injured and Ric Flair doesn't really compete in the ring anymore, throws a major fork into the plans of having an Evolution stable group. "If you take a second to blink, evolution will pass you by." I guess that is more true than ever. Without even occuring on television, evolution has passed us by. I think, however, that if worked creatively, the WWE could dodge a major bullet. Keep Evolution from having in-ring match-ups. Have Triple H get in "comfy" with Bischoff on television, and have Bischoff keep any of the guys from actually wrestling a match. Take, for example, the nWo back in WCW. Hogan, Nash, and Hall wrestled relatively infrequently on television. This type of mentality could work today for WWE. I know, many of you will groan because this means that this will mean more time for Triple H talking on the mic. However, the inactivity of the group in the ring will piss the fans off, and I mean that in a good way. They can boast about how great they are and how they cannot be beaten, but always find a way out of wrestling an actual match. This is the type of storyline that makes a good, weasely heel. (Maybe Heenan could come in and become Evolution's "Financial Advisor.")

We have seen the return of Rhyno. Well, I have not seen it, as I cannot see Smackdown where I am currently located. Rhyno was always an intense competitor, and I think his addition could be good for the WWE. Welcome back Rhyno.

What's up with the Test/Jericho/Michaels/Christian/Jeff Hardy/Nowinski storyline? Oh, I forgot to mention Stacy as well. It seems like they are trying to throw as many people into this as possible. Hey, if it means that Christian and Jericho get more time on TV and can talk on the mic, then I'm happy. Christian is vastly underused, in my opinion. He should be the Intercontinental Champion. Oh, wait a minute...

I like the fact that Christopher Nowinski got the win over Jeff Hardy last week. I don't care what internet people say, Mr. Nowinski, while green in the ring, is definitely headed for greatness. While he gets what is commonly referred to as "cheap heat," he nonetheless gets people to react, and in the world of sports entertainment, that is very important. I am nervous to see what would happen if he and Hardy were to have a longer match. I hope they could make it good.

The return of the Rock to Raw. I tell you what, this past week's episode of Raw was the best of 2003, in my opinion. Maybe not because of the matches, because, quite frankly, most were not that good. But the opening segment as well as his interaction with the Hurricane was priceless. Raw has good talkers on its show, it should use them more.

Finally, in the world of WWE, I am thrilled to see that Booker T is going to WrestleMania to face Triple H (or whoever the champion will be at that time...yeah, Triple H) for the World Heavyweight Championship. I have been a big Booker T mark ever since the Invasion in 2001 (it was that long ago already?) and have been waiting for him to get to shine in the spotlight. I hope that the booking department agrees and gives Booker the nod over Trips at the biggest pay per view of the year. Triple H is 4-3 at WrestleMania, with trends dictating that he usually wins one year, then loses the next, or wins two years in a row, then loses. He won last year, so maybe this year he'll do the job for Booker.

On to some other business, I have been hearing great stuff about NWATNA lately. I wish I had the capability of seeing one of their shows. Unfortunately, I cannot get pay-per-view in my location due to the fact that I do not wish to pay another $20 a month to get a converter box, plus ordering the pay-per-view. I must say that I have been following the results and the surprises on the shows, and it sounds like it would be interesting to watch. Maybe they'll get a nationally televised show soon (one could hope!). Anyhow, the Outside Influence is still looking for someone to write about this federation. Send me an e-mail to perfectperception@hotmail.com if you are interested.

That's all for this time. Until we meet again, I am

the PerfectOne.

2002, 2003.The Outside Influence
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