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Perfect Perception by the PerfectOne

Taped from Pittsburgh, PA, this is the Perfect Smackdown review.

Your hosts are Michael Cole and Tazz.

First match is Team Angle versus Rey Mysterio and Billy Kidman in a non-title match. Good match with Kidman getting some cheers. I'm really impressed with Team Angle. I haven't seen them in a while. All four guys are on top of their games tonight, it seems. Kidman with a near botched shooting star press. Team Angle wins with a super kick into a German suplex. I give it **** out of 5 stars. Great stuff.

Brian Kendrick gives Stephanie flowers? What the hell?!

Next up we see Jamie Noble at the Playboy Mansion. The butler confuses him with a pool boy. He's mad that Torrie was chosen over Nidia. Stupid segment.

Next up is Rikishi. I don't miss seeing him. I think he's okay as a heel, but I can't stand him as a face. He is facing Chuck Palumbo of the FBI. This is my first look at the WWE version of the FBI. Palumbo is looking aggressive now. Much better than when he was with Billy Gunn. Stop promoting the Girls Gone Wild, it's a stupid partnership. Los Guerreros save Rikishi from an attack from Nunzio and Johnny the Bull. Rikishi wins, I give it **. Not a terrible match.

Undertaker and Nathan Jones are booked to go against A Train and the Big Show at WrestleMania. I believe this is the first tag match Undertaker has been in at WrestleMania.

Taker is looking for Jones. Wow. Nathan is a big guy. This is the first time I've ever seen him. Oh geez, why must they show A Train warming up?

Big Show and A Train are up against Tajiri and Funaki. I guess Tajiri is face again? Why is Big Show wearing his old gear again? Big Show is pretty decent at commentary. Show and Train win. Although it was meant to be a squash, Tajiri and Funaki had some offense, and Show was entertaining at the mic. As a result, I am going to give this a *1/2.

Next we see some interviews with fans giving their opinion on who will win the match between Angle and Lesnar tonight. Who cares? That's like a person on the outside writing a commentary of the program...oh wait...READ THIS COLUMN!!!

Sean O'Haire meets up with Dawn Marie. He tells her to flash the audience.

Torrie shows the cover ofher Playboy magazine. Yawn. Out comes Dawn Marie. Too much estrogen in this segment of Smackdown. I hope to God that children were not in the crowd. That's not good.

Next up is Rhyno and Benoit against Los Guerreros with the winners facing Team Angle at WrestleMania.

Cena raps about Lesnar.

New music for Los Guerreros? Benoit is major over. Good matchup here, I guess that is to be expected, however. Nice dropick by Guerrero (Eddie). Cole and Tazz are good when calling the action. When they try to tell jokes, etc., they are not as good. An extended match? A commercial break, and its actually a good matchup. Team Angle comes down and stops the match by attacking Benoit and Eddie with the Tag belts. Wow! What an exciting match. ****1/2.

Recap of Hogan/McMahon segment from last week. Good, I wanted to see this.

Stephanie books Team Angle versus Los Guerreros versus Chris Benoit/Rhyno for the Tag Titles at WrestleMania. Should be an awesome match.

Hogan recap video. This should be good. Very good video tribute. Vince comes in and makes us watch the ending again and again. What an awesome promo Vince cuts on Hogan.

Trish Stratus is going to be on MadTV this week.

Matt has never locked his keys in his car. Matt hates cleaning his carpet. Rey likes watching Matt Hardy also. This is Matt Hardy's open challenge. A masked guy comes down. The guy calls himself the Pittsburgh Penguin. The Penguin is hitting too many moves, this is supposed to be an exhibition. The Penguin is unmasked, and its Brian Kendrick. Kendrick wins by countout. **1/2.

Rey and Kendrick talk. Angle/Lesnar footage. I like how Smackdown does the tale of the tape thing.

Kurt Angle and Brock Lesnar are up next. Why can't more people be like Kurt Angle? Wow, Lesnar is really over now. Good. Angle wins quickly after a switcheroo with I'm guessing to be his brother Eric, as he did a few years ago. Tazz acknowledges that it is Eric Angle. ** match for continuing the feud, leading up to the all-important match at WrestleMania.

Overall, a really enjoyable show.

Until next time, I am

the PerfectOne

2002, 2003.The Outside Influence
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