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Perfect Perception by the PerfectOne

Welcome to an all new edition of the Perfect Perception. Tonight we will review Raw. I'm kinda out of it tonight, as I have a lot of work to do, so I will not be paying as much attention to the show as I would like.

Although unfortunate, I am glad that the WWE has decided to honor the late, great Mr. Perfect Curt Hennig in its opening frame. That is always the classy thing to do. Rest in Peace Curt Hennig, you will always be my all-time favorite.

Opening promo with Vince telling Bischoff that he'll be fired. Tick tock, tick tock.

RAW is LIVE! from Los Angeles, California. Should be a big show. Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler are your announcers.

He's back, and better than ever. Here comes Eric Bischoff. He has not heard from Steve Austin yet. Big surprise there. Bischoff explains that he may be fired later tonight. Bischoff has done everything in his power to sign Austin. He even went to Texas, poor guy being surrounded by "toothless rednecks." He tries sucking up to the crowd, but it doesn't work. Bischoff is over as a heel. At least Raw has someone over! Jim Ross is a pretty big guy, at least next to Bischoff. Oooh, history! I love it when they use the past in a storyline. It only makes sense to do that. JR is offered an ultimatum, either he delivers Austin or he is fired!

Limo is pulling into the Staples Center.

Bischoff greets the limo during the break. Oh, it's not the HHHorsemen, its Evolution. Hunter asks Eric if he was expecting somebody else.

First match is Test (accompanied by Stacy Kiebler) against the great Christian. We have Test facing Jericho at No Way Out. Lawler is doing commentary by himself. He hypes his book. Christian should be pushed to the moon! Test starts out strong against Christian. Crowd is basically dead. Gotta love those testicles. Dead crowd + Lawler alone + Opening match = Boredom. Oh, the Coach has now joined Lawler. At least we get to hear someone else. Crowd is still bored with Test. Nice show of strength by Test. Now there's some crowd reaction, but not much. Test gets the win. Since I'm still new to this I give it * out of 5 stars. Christian with the Unprettier after the match. Hey! It's Jeff Hardy and he's attacking Christian. Hmm, I guess he's a "tweener" now.

JR is in the back trying to get a hold of Austin. Finkel is in the background. He should be the ring announcer for Raw. Fire Lilian Garcia!

Booker T/Goldust promo. I'm glad to see that a storyline is being built around them and Evolution.

Booker T v. D'Lo Brown is next. Theodore Long is trying to convert Booker T. He's not having any of it. I don't think Booker wants to be "down with the brown." Lots of chops in the corner. Lots of kicking going on in this one. I like both these guys in this match. Both need to be pushed. I think I detect a "D'Lo sucks" chant from the crowd. Just like that, the match is over. Victory to Booker T. ** Could have been more, but the match was too short.

Bischoff and Morley are in the back. Jericho comes in and lets his charisma fly. Jericho v. Hardy later tonight. Not a bad segment.

Jazz v. Molly Holly is next. Is Molly a face again yet? I guess not. Crowd doesn't care. Nice moves by Jazz during the match. Both these ladies can wrestle, too bad they can't get any reaction from the crowd. *1/2 stars.

JR is talking to his friend Steve from Oklahoma. Finkel eavesdrops. He should be the ring announcer.

Confidential is a repeat this week, as they will discuss the demise of WCW.

Kane/RVD v. 3 Minute Warning. Why the hell can't that stupid Lilian call 3 Minute Warning by their team name? Their team name is 3 Minute Warning, not Jamal and Rosey. Get it right. Everyone else calls them by the correct name. The on-screen graphic says 3 Minute Warning. RVD and Kane win. Decent match, nothing too spectacular. I give it *** for having a bit of everything (other than technical wrestling).

Vince arrives and wonders why the hell JR is in the parking lot instead of doing his job.

Vince is next in the ring. He calls out Bischoff and Morley. He tells Morley that he can keep his job if he can win a match against Bubba Ray, D-Von, and Spike Dudly in a handicapped match. We hear the magic words "You're fired!" after Bischoff's poor attempt at appeasing Vince fails. Why the hell must they bring up the whole HLA thing again. That's so tasteless. Vince cannot sing at all.

Rock/Hogan II at No Way Out. I like the Rock as a heel.

Regal and Storm suck up to Vince. Regal is the first inductee into the Mr. McMahon Kiss my Ass Club.

Morley v. Dudleys is next. Lilian calls the Dudley's by their team name. Dudleys destroy Morley. Nice stairs shot there. Crowd is into this one as well. Dudleys get the win. Morley goes through the table. I guess he's fired now. ** for not being too bad.

Bischoff is stairing down Jim Ross. I wonder if JR will be the new General Manager. They talk about Austin, and Bischoff offers his hand in friendship. JR wants nothing of it.

Evolution is calling! Dave Batista v. Tommy Dreamer is next. Batista destroys Dreamer after some "Singapore Cane" shots from Dreamer early on in the match. Batista with the win. *1/2 stars. Booker attacks Flair and Batista after the match. Orton attacks Booker and splits his pants. Evolution beat down Booker T. Scott Steiner slowly makes his way down and scares off Evolution. I like Steiner's music.

Hardy goes face to face with Michaels.

Test and Stacy segment. Why? I have always liked Test in the ring, but I don't think anything is going to get him over. I think the whole Testicles thing has run its course.

Bischoff is cleaning out his office when he is confronted by the Dudleys. Good, meaningful segment here. Lots of heat between the parties involved. I still don't like Spike.

Jericho v. Hardy is next. Hardy seems a little more aggressive this week. Too bad he's a freak. Oh, I'm sorry, he's "conflicted." Some crowd reaction. Nice back and forth action here. I'm not going to do a move-by-move rundown on here. Too bad, look for that somewhere else. Jericho gets the hard-fought win over Jeff. ***1/2

Vince runs into Evolution. Evolution is going to party. Next week is Triple H and Batista against Booker T and Scott Steiner. Didn't Steiner and Booker hate each other in WCW?

Vince is in the ring, and asks the new GM to come forward. Out comes JR. He is not the new general manager. Austin has confirmed that he will be at No Way Out. Vince then says that Austin is reinstated (I don't know how he went from being at No Way Out to being reinstated), JR is reinstated, Morley is reinstated, therefore Bischoff thinks he should have his job back. He can have the job if he joins the Mr. McMahon Kiss My Ass Club. Bischoff refuses, so Vince will induct him into a new club: the Get My Ass Kicked Club. However, Vince will not kick Bischoff's ass tonight. Instead, we have another match for No Way Out. Bischoff will not be at the Pay Per View as the Raw GM, he will be at the PPV in a match against none other than Stone Cold Steve Austin!

Decent show, with good segments. Matches were okay, but nothing spectacular. Overall, the show gets ** out of 5 stars.

2002, 2003.The Outside Influence
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