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WWE No Mercy Predictions

With Football season upon us, everybody has their picks and predictions for every Saturday, Sunday, and Monday night. The Outside Influence is no exception. Although we are not talking about football (GO BROWNS!!!), we are talking about WWE No Mercy. I felt that Unforgiven was a good pay-per-view so let's make it two in a row Vinnie Mac. My picks will be in plain text and the Perfect One's will be in italics. Enjoy.

WWE Undisputed Championship Title Match
Hell In A Cell
Brock Lesner vs. The Undertaker
I haven't seen much of the build up for this rematch but if this match is anything like their match at Unforgiven, then it is going to be one hell (no pun intended) of a match. As Unforgiven proved, the Undertaker can still go. That won't help the Undertaker here though. I felt that the Undertaker's last title reign would indeed be his last. Brock Lesner gets hopefully a clean win here. I don't see any sick bumps being taken here. The Undertaker is too old and why would the WWE risk injury to the "Next Big Thing".
WINNER and still WWE Undisputed Champion:
Brock Lesner

I don't get to see Smackdown much anymore, but I do not think the WWE is foolish enough to end the push of a guy that they have pushed to the WWE "Undisputed" Championship just like that. Undertaker needs to do the "right thing" and put Lesnar over.
Winner and still WWE Undisputed Champion:
Brock Lesnar

RAW World Title and WWE Intercontinental Title Unification Match
Kane vs. Triple H
This one is really hard to call. It seems that the WWE wants to give Kane a push. Just look at the last few weeks of RAW. But you always have to look at the Stephanie Factor. What is the Stephanie Factor? Well, Triple H is "banging" the boss's daughter Stephanie.
Come on that can't hurt. It gives Triple H some clout. Triple H is all over RAW and I can not remember the last time that Triple H lost cleanly. Hmmm...unless the WWE wants to really push a rematch, I look for Kane to get the win here. Plenty of Ric Flair interference to be sure. I look for the Hurricane to be involved as well. Hopefully this will kill off the Katie Vick storyline and the pun was very much intended.
WINNER and NEW RAW World Champion:

I agree with Dan Glamour in that this is a hard one to call. However, I think the Stephanie Factor is too strong in this one. Besides, WWE seems to be trying to recreate the Greenwich snob in Triple H, and that just would not work if he wasn't the champion.
Winner and still Raw World Champion:
Triple H

Rob Van Dam vs. Ric Flair
I'd hate to say it but this match might be my Bathroom match of the night. What, this is a Rob Van Dam match!?! This is a terrible match up. Rob Van Dam is so much quicker than Ric Flair. If Van Dam loses, then it will only be because Ric Flair cheats. Rob Van Dam did the "JOB" last month so look for him to get the win.
Rob Van Dam

Whoo! Even in 2002, Slick Ric is still the man. RVD is cool, but Flair still needs to be a credible force. Like it, or don't like it, but you should have learned by now to love it, cuz its still the best thing going today.
Ric Flair

WWE Tag Team Championship Title Match
Chris Jericho and Christian vs. Booker T and Goldust
Let's go back to Summerslam 2002. Booker T and Goldust should have won the Tag titles from the Un-Americans. It seems that the Tag Team titles are being moved alot
lately. I also do not think that the WWE has any confidence in Booker T and Goldust. By hook or crook, Chris Jericho and Christian retain their titles. Christian has co-held the WWE Tag Team titles nine times. Good thing he is not like DDP. "The nine time, nine time, nine time..."
WINNERS and still WWE Tag Team Champions:
Christian and Chris Jericho

I would love to see Booker T pushed to the next level. First, however, he needs to get out of the Tag Team division. Although they're funny, Booker T and Goldust are not going to win this match. Besides, WWE has a potential goldmine with a Booker T/Jericho feud in the makings. Giving Booker T the early edge in this wouldn't be too wise.
Winners and still WWE Tag Team Champions:
Christian and Chris Jericho

WWE Women's Championship Title Match
Trish Stratus vs. Victoria
There is a possibility that this might not be a bad match. It is a women's match though. Trish is a lot better than she was a year ago. I will even say that Tris is better than she was six months ago. Victoria is just a gamer. She spent several years training to
become a WWE Superstar at Ohio Valley Wrestling. It doesn't hurt that they are both incredibly hot too. We need a Linguire rematch immediately. Oh yeah...the match...I don't really care who wins. Let's flip a coin. Heads it is Trish and tails it is Victoria.
Here it goes...tails...Victoria wins.
WINNER and NEW WWE Women's Champion:

The Women's division has always been pretty predictable. Get a popular face champ, find a tough, brutal heel challenger and have her win. In a few months, the face wins the belt back after a series of matches. Just ask Alundra Blayze, Lita, and most recently Trish Stratus. Sorry Trish, but Victoria has this one.
Winner and new WWE Women's Champion:

WWE Smackdown Tag Team Title Tournament Final
Chris Benoit and Kurt Angle vs. Edge and Rey Mysterio Jr.
I really hate when enemies or people with tension between them co-hold tag team titles. For example, "Stonecold" Steve Austin and Shawn Michaels defeated Owen Hart and "The British Bulldog" Davey Boy Smith for WWF Tag Team titles on Monday Night Raw in 1997. Saddly both Owen and Davey Boy are no longer with us. Then Austin and Michaels fought each other at King of the Ring 1997 while they were tag champs. It looks like the WWE is heading in the same direction with Kurt Angle and Chris Benoit. This will be a good match but I am sick and tired of both shows having their own titles. All four contestants are excellent performers. I believe the Chris Benoit and Kurt Angle will win this match. This will be the match of the night though.
WINNERS and NEW WWE Smackdown Tag Team Titlists:
Chris Benoit and Kurt Angle

Mr. Glamour has it right again with this one. Benoit and Angle have tension, so they'll pull out the "unlikely" win over Edge and Rey-Rey.
Winners and New WWE Smackdown Tag Team Champions:
Chris Benoit and Kurt Angle

Dawn Marie vs. Torrie Wilson
If you are looking for this one to be a scientific wrestling match, then you will be sadly disappointed. This one will hopefully be a catfight, pure and simple. Please don't ruin this match by having a wrestling hold in it. I find both of these women very attractive. I also noticed that there is a guy playing Torrie Wilson's far. BAR HIM FROM THE BUILDING!!! This asshole is probably going to ruin the match. Torrie Wilson wins this match because it really doesn't mean anything.
Torrie Wilson

This match is pointless. Instead of putting a real match on between two hard-working athletes, WWE is flaunting its women. Who cares.
Torrie Wilson

No Mercy could be a successful card, provided that enough time is given to matches and the Dawn Marie/Torrie Wilson encounter is held to a minimum. Kane/Triple H, although a main-event quality match, could be the "sleeper" of the night. I don't think many are giving this one much of a chance, but with the pressure building on the WWE, Triple H needs to put his money where his mouth is and have a match the likes of something we haven't seen from him in over a year. I'm hoping for something special from these two, especially with the additional storyline (albeit a weak one) surrounding the match. Don't forget to order No Mercy live on Pay Per View this Sunday and support the WWE!

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