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Now I bet you are all wondering why there was no column for this week's edition of WWE RAW. Fact of the matter is that I just got too busy with work and I did not have time to write the column. Judging by all the e-mails and the count of all the people that come to the Outside Influence, nobody really missed me anyway.

I'm going to be looking at the WWE King of The Ring "from the cheap seats". Actually we got pretty good tickets for the event in Columbus, Ohio. I paid more for my King of the Ring ticket than for my Wrestlemania XVIII ticket. I am going to run down my predictions for you even though some of you could care less what I think.

Triple H vs. The Undertaker
WWE Undisputed Title Match
It is time to play the GAME again!!! I see Triple H coming out on top again. Funny how my idea about Triple H becoming the challenger to the Undisputed Title actually came true. Although it is later than I expected, Triple H being the challenger for the title is a lot more interesting than watching the Undertaker wrestle for the title. I expect a good match out of these two because they want to step up and fill the void that has been left by Steve Williams.
Winner and New Undisputed Champion:
Triple H

Hulk Hogan vs. Kurt Angle
It seems that Hulk Hogan's WWE tenure has been different in the sense that he is really putting over the younger talent on the roster. It was like pulling teeth for younger talent to go over on Hulk Hogan in World Championship Wrestling. If you don't know what I mean, just ask Billy Kidman. This match is a tough one to call. I look for Hulk Hogan to win this one. This match should be a good one as well. I think Kurt Angle can carry Hulk in a match. I will be very entertained by this match too. Kurt Angle is a funny guy and just an all around great worker. Winner:
Hulk Hogan

Trish Stratus vs. Molly
WWE Women's Title Match
Who cares who wins this match? This one is going to be a crowd killer. The Women's division is weak. Trish can't wrestle and Molly can. The problem is that Molly can't carry Trish in a match either. I mean just look at their recent match on RAW for an example of this. Trish is going to win this match because if Molly is the Women's champion then no one is really going to give a crap.
Winner and Still Women's Champion:
Trish Stratus

Ric Flair vs. Eddie Guerrero
I am a big fan of Eddie's and Ric Flair has put on some great matches as well but this match is going to be horrible. Since Steve Austin walked out on the WWE, Eddie was left without an opponent at the King of the Ring. This match was thrown together at the last minute. Last minute matches never work. Take for example The Undertaker vs. the Big Boss Man in a Hell In The Cell match at Wrestlemania VX. Hopefully this match will surprise me like the Scott Hall vs. Steve Austin match at Wrestlemania XVIII did.
Eddie Guerrero

The Hurricane vs. Jamie Noble (with Nidia)
WWE Cruiserweight Title Match
I'm not really repulsed by the fact the Nidia makes out with Jamie on a regular basis during WWE Smackdown, I am probably just frustrated with the fact that I don't have a girl to do that with. Now I hate calling these Smackdown roster matches because I don't follow WWE Smackdown on a regular basis. I'm kind of looking forward to this match too because I want to see what Jamie looks like in action. I can't say that I followed the Jung Dragons all that much in WCW so I don't know what Mr. Noble is capable of. Should be a good match as most Cruiserweight matches are. I look for The Hurricane to regain the Cruiserweight title. Look out though Hurricane, Rey Mysterio Jr. is coming.
Winner and Still Cruiserweight Champion:
The Hurricane

King of the Ring Semifinal
Chris Jericho vs. Rob Van Dam
Has the WWE lost all confidence in Chris Jericho. He has really fallen from grace since his reign as the Undisputed Champion. Rob Van Dam's stock keeps rising in the WWE though. This should be one hell of a match if both wrestlers bring their "A" game. Unfortunately not much build up for any of the King of the Ring matches since the "Split". The "Split" has made the King of the Ring tournament as a whole less enjoyable. Rob Van Dam wins this one and advances to the finals.
Rob Van Dam

King of the Ring Semifinal
Brock Lesner vs. Test
This one is the bathroom break match. I think that this match is going to be a total squash. Test is going to get his Canadian ass kicked. Brock Lesner wins this one just like he has won all of his other matches. Oh yeah and Paul Heymen will be there too.
Brock Lesner

King of the Ring Final
Rob Van Dam vs. Brock Lesner
Now I disagree with the WWE's decision here. Brock Lesner will be the 2002 King of the Ring. I knew that this would happen right after Vince McMahon declared that the winner of the King of the Ring would receive a title shot at Summerslam 2002. Now this match won't be a squash match. It might rival Brock's first match with Bubba Ray Dudley. Rob Van Dam will not be crowned "king" tonight. It won't be over for these two either. Brock needs to do something with his time before Summerslam.
Winner and the 2002 King of the Ring:
Brock Lesner

I hope you all enjoy the King of the Ring this Sunday as much as I do. I will be there and I will also be at RAW which is in Cleveland, Ohio at the Gund Arena. Something usually big happens when RAW comes to Cleveland so watch it. I will have a special column on Monday to discuss my thoughts on the whole Steve Austin situation and I will also comment about Vince Russo as well. Look for my exploits of Sunday and Monday on next Friday. Until thenů

Peace Out,

Dan Glamour

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