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Man, I need to get some tissues because my name is Dan Glamour and I have a nose bleed. Why do I have a nose bleed? Well I write this column called "From the Cheap Seats", you might have heard of it. Actually, of course you have heard of it because you are reading it right now. 

Now before I start talking gibberish about RAW, I want to address the World Wildlife Federation. First of all, I have to agree with the Perfect One on this. When I see the words WWF and a panda underneath them, I do not think of the World Wrestling Federation. What the hell has the World Wildlife Federation done lately that has been noteworthy? I haven't heard anything about them, other than this crappy lawsuit. I do keep track of the news and current events quite regularly.

So now the WWF (World Wrestling Federation) has to change their name to the WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment). I've got some news for you WWF (World Wildlife Federation), when people think about the initials "WWF", they are still going to think of the World Wrestling Federation. What you should have done was allow the WWE to keep the name WWF and then cut a deal. Have the WWF (World Wrestling Federation) give you free advertising for life (no NWO pun intended). After two weeks on WWF (World Wrestling Federation) television, the WWF (World Wildlife Federation) would have reach more people, than it ever has, ever. 

I am just so frustrated by this name change. Oh hell with it. &*@$# YOU WORLD WILDLIFE FEDERATION!!! To steal a quote from Vince McMahon, "YOU SUCK!!!"

A "hot" opener and I am not talking about the actual wrestling match. Trish Stratus is hot. I thought for sure that Trish was going to win the match after it was announced that it was a no disqualification match. The WWF…err…WWE dropped the ball again.

Then it got ridiculous after that. Stevie Richards blatantly cost Trish the match against Jazz. Then Bubba Ray Dudley beat Stevie Richards for the Hardcore Title. Raven then won it. Then Justin Credible won the belt. Then Crash won the title. After Bubba creamed Crash, Trish seeing an opportunity pinned Crash. Bubba grabbed Trish. Jazz sprayed Bubba with the fire extinguisher. Bubba who was blinded put Trish threw a table by accident. Then Stevie Richards pins Trish to rewin the Hardcore Championship. Get it?

A lot of odd things tonight. Jerry Lawler saying "Anything can happen in the WWE" and the Big Show in an NWO t-shirt again.

Who the hell was that guy with the NWO? It looked like Paul Wight but that guy actually cut a great promo. Surprisingly everything that the Big Show said was true. Good promos have some truth to them.

Ric Flair cut a good promo too. How ironic that the Giant (Big Show) defeated Ric Flair for his only WCW World Championship.

Does anyone realize that Spike Dudley's ankle injury is a work? How stupid is that? I have not enjoyed the whole Spike Dudley and William Regal feud. It was dumb.

YES, D-Lo Brown finally makes his return to RAW. As soon as William Regal said that he was the greatest European champion of all time, the Perfect One knew that D-Lo Brown would return.

Did Vince McMahon put a gun to Lillian Garcia's head? "If you say WWF YOU'RE FIRED!!!" She was really annunciating "WWE".

More great stuff from Booker T and Goldust this time at a Seven Eleven. The WWF…errr…WWE really wants to push those 7-11 slurpees though. Is there even a 7-11 Booker T cup to collect?

Looks like the WWE is really going to keep us guessing with this NWO surprise. The APA baseball cap in the NWO locker room was a nice touch. I suspect Arn Anderson. 

Not to self, never carry a video camera around the WWF…errr….WWE locker room and film random stuff. You might end up like Shawn Stasiak's career.

Brock Lesnar is slipping a little bit. It took him longer to kick Stasiak's ass. I heard a whole bunch of "Goldberg" chants during the match too.

So now instead of stealing Undertaker's urn, Hulk Hogan stole the Undertaker's motorcycle. If you don't want to get it stolen, then don't leave the keys in it.

It was cool when Hulk Hogan rode down to the ring on the motorcycle. It was not cool when Hogan stood in the ring for five minutes and said nothing. And someone had better stop playing "Rollin" by Limp Bizkit.

Hulk Hogan called the Undertaker a bitch. Hulk Hogan couldn't get the bike started. That promo was ruined at that point. But hey look, there just so happens to be a Mac truck in the arena. I wonder what Hulk Hogan is going do?

What a great finish to the Booker T and Eddie Guerrero vs. Rob Van Dam and Jeff Hardy match. A Swanton Bomb followed up immediately by a frog splash. Van Dam and Hardy get the win.

Everyday had a "Yes" man so does that make Arn Anderson, Ric Flair's "No" man. Who cares, "hey Arn get me a cup of coffee".

Molly Holly is hot but of course Terri is hotter. I was hoping that Molly would have a better swimsuit though. At least it wasn't Mae Young. Funny stuff here. I can't believe that Molly actually attacked Terri with a flipper.

Ric Flair found Kane's mask in Bradshaw's locker room. The mystery thickens and the writers are doing a good job trying to build me suspense.

Even I know that I am not going to move a motorcycle that is wedged under an 18-Wheeler truck. Why the Undertaker start beating up his motorcycle?

Kevin Nash is the surprise? What a crock of shit? Did they actually have a crock of shit sitting somewhere?

"Hey let's everybody let's take off our shirts!" This is in reference to the main event.

Great ending for RAW. Bradshaw gets busted open and then put through the announcer's table. Steve Austin hit a double stunner on Scott Hall and X-Pac. And Ric Flair turns heel. I'm a little confused though, Is Ric Flair a member of the NWO?

RAW was watchable this week. I hate the name change. Booker T, Eddie Guerrero, Jeff Hardy, and Rob Van Dam put on a great match. The NWO surprise was very nicely done. It had me guessing through the whole night. Jim Ross was a little disappointing though. There were a number of times where he said "WWF". Even his shirt had a WWF patch on it. He's the senior vice president of operations or something like that. He should know better. That's it for me. See you again next week.

Peace Out,

Dan Glamour

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