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Happy Memorial Day to you. My name is Dan Glamour and I have never served my country in any part of the military and probably never will. So please remember all of the people who have given a little more to the United States. Yes, that even includes The Road Dogg Jeese James and Shaggy who both were in Saudi Arabi during the Gulf War.

Well for the first time in a long while, WWE RAW starts off with a surprise. The Canadian Crippler Chris Beniot comes out to talk to his fans in Edmonton where RAW is being held. I liked his short little interview. For some reason Eddie Guerrero comes down and starts telling Benoit how he was the better "Radical" and how Chris was jealous of Eddie. They were about to fight when Ric Flair interrupts the interview. I thought Chris Benoit was supposed to be hurt. He looked pretty good for someone who had surgery on his neck. Flair being one of the best heels ever throws Chris Benoit out of the ring.

Why does the WWE have to have crappy Women's matches when something big happens? After The Rock vs. Hollywood Hulk Hogan match, they had Lita vs. Jazz vs. Trish Stratus. It absolutely killed the crowd. Tonight was no exception. William Regal and Molly took on Spike Dudley and Trish in an intergender tag team match. Both the European Title and Women's Title were on the line. Spike Dudley vs. William Regal is getting really boring fast. The match ended when Trish hit Molly with a backslide pin for the victory. Who the hell wins a match with a backslide pin? Molly ended up using the brass knuckles on Trish after the match. Have you ever seen a woman use brass knuckles?

More Hardcore Championship garbage. Does the WWE writing team sit around and think how can we get everyone on the RAW roster into the two hour program each week? Terri is interviewing Steven Richards and who is attacked by Jackie because she is upset that Steven thinks Jazz is pretty. She is not by the way, I've seen her in person. Jackie attacks Steven, then Shawn Stasiak attacks Jackie and tries to pin Steven. Oh look here comes the Big Bossman. He breaks up the count and Stasiak and Bossman feud. There is your big money feud there. Big Bossman and Planet Stasiak. Then Terri actually pins Steven for the Hardcore Title. Steven would roll up Terri about 15 seconds later. Terri shouldn't be wrestling. She is just there because she is a piece of ass.

Kevin Nash talks to the NWO like it is a fucking Fraternity or Sorority. If anybody on the NWO loses then they are thrown out of the group. Uh Kevin, I hate to tell you this but you have very little members as it is and nobody is beating down the door to get into the NWO. Nice going genius.

Hmm…surprise, surprise…X-Pac and Booker T defeated the Hardy Boys. Pointless match.

I am sick of Paul Heyman trying to hit on Trish Stratus. I don't blame him for wanting to but there is no chance in hell that he could get with Trish. Paul Heyman looks disgusting. I don't like looking at the Beast flirting with the Beauty. I wasn't impressed with Bubba beating up on Paul either. All that was going to do was make Brock pissed.

Tommy Dreamer please stop eating everything. It is god damn disgusting. What is the point of the Undertaker interrupting Tommy too? Great idea Undertaker, let's have Tommy drink you tobacco spit. Chewing is disgusting enough. I literally covered my eyes during this segment. I just hope that it wasn't really tobacco that he was drinking. If all the Undertaker is going to do on RAW is beat up on former ECW stars, then just keep him on WWE Smackdown to feud with Hogan some more.

The first decent Brock Lesner match. Bubba and Brock really worked well with each other. I was actually watching the match instead of predicting what would happen in disgust. Those two should definitely have a rematch some where down the run.

Raven is sitting in the parking lot taking up space as the Coach is waiting for Steve Austin to arrive. I wonder what the WWE is going to do with Raven. Steve Austin needs an ally against Flair and company. Why not Raven? What about Raven?

Goldust dressed in NOW gear looked pretty good. Goldust is keeping the NOW some what interesting. X-Pac is like a little fourth grader when he goes to tell on Goldust.

The Tough Enough segment at the "World" was horrible. An arm wrestling match? Personally I was hoping for a catfight myself. I guess the two guys could brawl too.

Hey Howard Finkel arrived at the arena. Who cares?

Goldust vs. Crash Holly was another sleeper. I only stayed and watched it to see if Kevin Nash would come down. After the match was over, Kevin Nash did come from behind the curtin. Five minutes later, Big Kev hits the ring and instead of attacking Goldust, he Powerbombs Crash. The Goldust-NWO relationship thickens.

Probably the best match on RAW in 2002. It had to happen. After Eddie defeated Rob Van Dam twice, the only way to settle things was a Ladder Match. Props to the WWE for putting this on RAW instead of a pay-per-view. Both Eddie and Rob Van Dam should be proud of themselves. Great match. Certainly a match of the year candidate.

The match was not the most important thing though. A FAN came out of the audience and pushed Eddie Guerrero off of the ladder. It does not appear to be a plant by the WWE either. Some fan just decided to push Eddie off of the ladder. That was great!!! I don't condone that by any means but nobody saw that coming. Jerry and Jim didn't know what to say about that.

After the match, Steve Austin finally comes down to the ring and attacks Eddie Guerrero. Ric Flair and "The Stooge" Arn Anderson come down to attack Steve Austin as well. Steve Austin holds them off and Benoit comes into the ring to help Austin.

Yeah right!!! In another big surprise, Benoit attacks Austin from behind. It was a surprise to everyone else but it makes perfect sense to me. Who was responsible for Christ Benoit getting hurt? WHAT!?! That's right Steve Austin was. Payback is a bitch but Chris Benoit is worse.

RAW again was definitely watchable. Chris Benoit returned and it looks like he will stay with the RAW brand. RAW needs Chris Benoit desperately. It will be interesting how Flair is able to get Benoit because Benoit is a Smackdown wrestler. NWO is starting to get interesting again. For some reason don't be surprised if Booker T is not with the NWO for very much longer. Can you believe that Goldust of all people, is making the NWO interesting again? The Women's division still sucks. The Ladder match between Rob Van Dam and Eddie Guerrero was great. Rob Van Dam rewins the Intercontinental Title but who is he going to fight now? I am definiting liking this Steve Austin and Eddie Guerrero feud too.

Talk you again next week.

Peace Out,
Dan Glamour

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