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The Outside Influence-March 18, 2002

Wrestlemania XVIII was a great experience. It is one that I will not forget.  I will have complete details about my Wrestlemania XVIII experience in a column on this Friday.   I might tell you bits and pieces but I will have plenty of stories for Friday.  I also have some photos too. 

I am anticipating a good Monday Night RAW for tonight because the RAW after Wrestlemania  is usually one of the best RAWs of the year.   Steve Austin turned face on RAW after Wrestlemania XIII.  Degeneration X reformed with X-Pac (Syxx ) and the New Age Outlaws:   Road Dogg Jesse James and Bad Ass Billy Gunn teaming with Triple H and Chyna after Wrestlemania XIV.   

Man, I can’t get over the fact that Canadian fans hate the Rock so much.  Or maybe they just love Hulk Hogan so much.  Canadian wrestling fans are the smartest wrestling fans out there.   I don’t know if that is necessarily a compliment.  American WWF fans might have forgotten about Hulk Hogan when he went to WCW, but Canadian fans remember Hulk Hogan when he was in his prime.  I also think that Canadian fans were cheering Hogan because they haven’t seen him in a very long time.  How often did WCW do a Canadian tour? 

Correct me if I am wrong but I’m pretty sure you can not say “Son of A Bitch” on national television.   I mean Kevin Nash was calling Hogan a “son of a bitch” like it was his job.  The Rock also couldn’t get enough of that word either.   That opening interview just went to the dogs (get it? dogs, bitches).

Who the hell did Christian piss off?   Christian has become a jobber.  It looks like DDP and Christian will be continuing their feud.   But hey on a good note, DDP was on RAW and that’s not a bad thing, that’s a good thing.

Chris Jericho beat that guy from  Montreal like a red headed step child.  I don’t advocate beating red headed step child or any children for that matter but I like the expression.

Ivory and Jazz a team?   It is bad enough that women’s matches suck.  Now instead of Ivory vs. Jazz, they are going to be a team against Trish and Lita.   I hate women’s matches after Wrestlemania XVIII.

DAMN IT!!!  I’ve been hearing the rumors for months and now that the “Ratings Killer” Linda McMahon announced that the WWF roster will be splitting.  I and many other people don’t have time to watch both RAW and Smackdown.   Hell, I don’t even have WWF Smackdown available to me here in Wheeling, West Virginia.  

You know those Canadians really can carry a tune.   They didn’t sing at Wrestlemania XVIII.   They certainly said “You screwed Bret”.  Man, those Canadians sure hold a grudge.  I mean the whole Bret Hart-Survivor Series conspiracy happened nearly five years ago.

Old men punching each other might be lame but it is still better than listening to Linda McMahon speak.

Does Kane’s mask look like Darth Maul?   My roommate thinks so.

The Hardcore title picture is really starting to look good.  I mean Maven has been a pretty decent Hardcore champion.  The 24/7 rule apparently does not get old.  HOLY COW!!!  Brock Lesnar is a beast.   What kind of power does he have?   Brock took care of  Maven, Al Snow, and Spike Dudley like they were jobbers.

William Regal is starting to make some sense.  Tag teams can be broken up.  That’s why the “split” is going to suck. I mean the tag team division is so weak now.  It will probably get a lot worse when the “split” happens. I really don’t care if Lita and Matt Hardy are still together.  I mean Lita is hot and it sucks that she is not single (well according to the storylines).

If Stacey Keibler is no longer with the Dudley Boys then what the hell is the WWF going to do with her?  I mean I really want to see Stacey Keibler on TV.  She could be dating Paul Bearer for all I care, just as long as she is on television.  Okay, maybe not that far.

You know Stephanie McMahon might be hot, but her voice is annoying as hell.  I mean I am sure that is not how she really sounds like but Stephanie is really trying to be a “bitch” way too hard.  Chris Jericho and Stephanie will be facing Triple H next week on RAW.   Triple H said that if Stephanie loses then she is gone from the WWF.   Here’s my predictions, the Canadians will still be singing when they are drunk off their ass in a bar watching RAW next week.

Now just like last night during the Triple H vs. Chris Jericho match, everyone was probably expecting a swerve.   Hogan was going to turn on the Rock or Rock was going to join the NWO.    Well that didn’t happen. Scott Hall and Kevin Nash lost by a countout.   Yes, a countout.   When is last time that anyone lost by a countout?    

This RAW was definitely a “watchable” RAW.  Not up to my expectations though.  I was really impressed with Brock Lesnar. Although I don’t see why Paul Heyman is with him. Maybe Paul will reform the Dangerous Alliance.  Keep dreaming Danny Boy.

The "split" is going to suck.  I am not looking forward to it.  Oh well.  "Split" happens.

I don’t see why the main event ended in a countout.  If I am a Canadian wrestling who was at RAW, then I am pretty pissed off.    Canadian wrestling fans won’t forget how the WWF screwed them out of a good match. Just ask Earl Hebner.  

Did anyone notice referee Tim White at the end of the main event?  Who the hell was he communicating with?  I mean it is the main event on RAW and someone feels that they need to talk to Tim White.  Hey Tim, I got a phone number you can call 555-YOURANOB!!!!

So that is it.  Come back this Friday for my Wrestlemania XVIII special.   I notice that people are actually starting to read this column or at least that is what the counter says. So please send me an e-mail at UWAGLAMOUR@yahoo.com and tell me what you think about the column.  As you can see, we are trying to add some stuff to the Outside Influence.   The Perfect One or my boss has a history of Wrestlemania section up.   We also have a item called a “A Pink Slip On A Poll”.  Please check out our poll and reply to it.  

Peace Out,

Dan Glamour

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