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From the Cheap Seats by Dan Glamour

Hi Dan Glamour here with you again for another edition of "From The Cheap Seats". I tell you about Monday Night RAW, I wanted to share a few things with you. And again feel free to share an of your thoughts that relate to this column at UWAGLAMOUR@yahoo.com

First of all, will Fox let Joe Millionaire die already. This will be the only time that I mention it in today's column. Tonight FOX is airing a Joe Millionaire Aftermath special. FOX needs to just let this thing die already. It was a nice ending last week so why can't we have our last image of Evan and Zora be when they are being given a check for (Dr. Evil voice) ONE MILLION DOLLARS!!!

Secondly, I apologize to all of you who were expecting a No Way Out predictions from both the Perfect One and I. It was all my fault, I did not have time to submit my predictions. I am sure that you were all REALLY disappointed.

I did see No Way Out last night and I felt that it was okay. Nothing terribly shocking last night. "Stonecold" Steve Austin returned and kicked the living daylights out of Eric Bischoff. Vince McMahon banned everyone from ringside or else he would say "YOU'RE FIRED!!!" Steve looked to be in great shape. The question I have for the WWE now is "Now what?"

Rock vs. Hogan II was not nearly as good as there first match at Wrestlemania XVIII. The Rock looks more like "Stonecold" now. Vince screwed Hogan out of the victory. I thought that Hogan would win the rematch for sure. It wasn't hard for the Rock to get over as a heel because he was in Canada. Canadians hate the Rock. Even the referee was paid off by Vinnie Mac.

People are wondering why Bret Hart is still bitter over an incident that happened almost six years ago. Bret Hart is not the one that is shoving it down our throats, Vincent Kennedy McMahon is. On http://www.wwe.com they called the Rock versus Hulk Hogan match "The Montreal Screwjob 2". Give it a rest Vince. Everyone except the "Lusicous French Bastard Lion" wants to see Bret "The Hitman" Hart to make one more appearance in the WWE.

FINALLY THE ROCK HAS COME BACK...with some boring entrance music. The WWE is trying to get the Rock over as a heel. They've butchered his entrance music and even changed his look. The Rock looks more like "Stonecold" now. I am actually starting to like the Rock now. But hey I was a part of the problem because I was chanting "Hogan, Hogan" at the Skydome in Toronto. "Mother Canucker" is a new classic line for the world of Sports entertainment. It will be mentioned the next time that the WWE is in Canada for either a RAW or a Smackdown or pay-per-view.

God damn it, a women's match. Did anyone notice how the crowd just died during that match. The same thing happened at Wrestlemania XVIII. And since it is Canada, Trish Stratus came back and attacked Jazz. You know that Jazz keeps saying the "Bitch Is Back", well the bitch better just shut up. If Elton John were dead, he would be rolling over in his grave.

Test is now my new "luckiest bastard alive". Test is going out with Stacey Kiebler in real life. Now he gets to hang out with the girls of Girls Gone Wild (GGW). And if Stacey says anything about it, then all Test has to say is that "it's all a part of the show". For those of you keeping track, Billy Kidman was formerly the "luckiest bastard alive" for becoming engaged to Torrie Wilson. That might change again after I read the Playboy that Torrie Wilson is in. I mean, I just read Playboy for the articles.

What is up with Golddust's new gimmick? I am not liking it at all. I am not sure if the WWE can salvage this guy's career. Like Triple H, Goldust is only as good as the people around him. A strange though has occurred to me. Why not let Goldust join Evolution or as I like to call them "Horsolution".

How does someone mistakeningly chokeslam someone else? Kane chokeslammed Rob Van Dam by accident which cost them the tag team title match at WWE No Way Out. I really think that Kane or RVD will turn against their partner.

Kane versus Lance Storm gets my "Bathroom match" of the night. Lance Storm is so boring now. I know this may sound stupid but bring back Justin Credible and make Dawn Marie Wilson, Storm's manager. What can I say I'm an Impact Players mark.

Randy Orton finally returns to action and he looked pretty good in the ring. I am glad that he is surrounded by people like Triple H and Ric Flair. Having a buddy from OVW like Batista doesn't hurt either. The bastard never replied to my "Get Well Randy" e-mail though.

Did anyone hear the Canadian fans booing Scott Steiner?

I will tell you what Stacey Kiebler sure is flexible. When Chris Jericho put her into the Lion Tamer...err...Walls of Jericho she was pretty bent. No pun intended, you know on second though pun intended. Hell Stacey is pretty.

Hmm...Test and Shawn Michaels versus Chris Jericho and Christian at Wrestlemania XIX? It certainly looks that is what the WWE is moving toward. Where does this leave Jeff Hardy?

Apparently absolutely nowhere. Jeff Hardy beat Chris Nowinski fairly quickly and then attacks Chris some more. Then the referree reverses the decision and gives the win to Chris Nowinski by disqualification. I thought that that only happened during title matches. The only Hardy I know that has a title is Matt Hardy on Smackdown.

The Hurricane should be talking more. "Brendan Fraiser defeated the Scorpion King" was hillarious. The Hurricane is on the wrong show. He needs to be with the Cruiserweights. The Hurricane is getting buried on RAW. He hasn't done anything since winning the WWE Tag Team titles with Kane.

Here's a thought, let Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler do commentary instead of wrestling every week. I hope that this No Disqualification match is the last time that we see Good Old J.R. and the King in the ring.

What is up with the Dudley Boys? Are they still in the tag team title picture? What is going to happened to them at Wrestlemania XIX? I love the Dudley Boys but there feud with Chief Morley needs to end right now.

I am a big fan of Battle Royals and this one did not disappoint. The action was good through out the match. I even liked the Rock going to the broadcast booth and waiting until there were less people in the ring. That is exactly what a heel would do.

I don't know what I was more excited about. Booker T winning the Battle Royal or the fact that Scott Steiner was eliminated. Big Poppa Pump has been a disappointment to me. Steiner can't move the way he used too. I was so glad that the Triple H and Scott Steiner feud was over. They are both past their prime.

Overall, I think that it was a good RAW. It was nice follow up to WWE No Way Out. Trish Stratus, the Rock, and the Dudley Boys returned. Disappointingly, here was no Steve Austin. He will be back next week. And so will I.

Peace Out,

Dan Glamour

2002, 2003.The Outside Influence
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