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Monday was Veterans Day and some people only see this day as a day off from school or work. I can't say that I went out of my way to honor veterans today but I just wanted to remind people how important veterans are in the struggle for our freedom. Veterans should be treated with respect. I just wanted to thank all United States veterans from all the wars that have fought. I had off from school today and I hopped into my car and went to Wheeling, West Virginia.


It was great to be back in Wheeling where this very column began. I enjoyed RAW from the comfort of Ignatius Hall. Now you are probably thinking who the hell cares. Ignatius Hall used to be an all girls dorm when I attend Wheeling Jesuit University. This year it is now coed. Figures. I watched RAW with the boss…The Perfect One.

I was really surprised that they started off RAW with a match for the WWE Tag Team titles. It was a good match too. Chris Jericho, Christian, Rob Van Dam, and Kane put on a hell of a match. Good ending too. I thought that the WWE might try to add some heat to the Elimination Chamber by giving the Tag titles to Kane and Rob Van Dam. Instead Chris Jericho grabs a chair and beats the shit out of Rob Van Dam and Kane. Jericho was trying to soften up his competition this Sunday.

I've said it before and I will say it again. I like Chris Jericho and Christian as a tag team. Terri interviews the tag team champs and Christian claims that Eric Bishoff will put him into the Elimination Chamber if one of the participants cannot perform. Chris Jericho levels his own partner with a chair to keep him out of the competition. I wonder if Christian will have an impact on the Elimination Chamber match. The chair shot from Chris Jericho will make some interesting television for next week's RAW.

I see that the WWE has brought back the Gregory Helms character. I think though that the Hurricane should go back to Smackdown with the rest of the Cruiserweights. He seems out of place now without teaming with Kane regularly. Hurricane is just going to become a jobber if he stays on RAW.

Goldust needs to be more involved with Booker T. That just sounded bad but hopefully you know what I mean. Goldust sucked until he started to team with Booker T. I mean Goldust is funny but he needs Booker T to help with his act.

Decent match between Jeff Hardy and Lance Storm. Not much else I can say about it.

This just in WOMEN'S WRESTLING STILL SUCKS!!! When you need to use Terri to put your match over then there is a problem. It was too bad that it wasn't Vince that threatened Terri. Nobody says "You're Fired!!!" like Vinnie Mac or the Perfect One. Victoria just beat up on Terri Runnels and then Trish made the save. Yawn!

Could Batista be a member of the rumored new Four Horseman? Ric Flair had nothing but nice things to say about him. Do you have to be on steroids to be a part of the Four Horsemen now? In that case, Scott Steiner will be a Horsemen before everything is said and done.

Batista squashes D-Lo Brown. What the hell happened to D-Lo Brown? I mean he used to be awesome back in the day and now he is a jobber on RAW. I say that D-Lo Brown should be sent to Smackdown. He could reteam with Mark Henry. They were a great combination until the WWE decided to have Mark Henry turn on D-Lo.

Finally a good storyline for Shawn Michaels. There has been some great build up going into the Elimination Chamber at Survivor Series between Triple H and Shawn. I am liking this a lot better than the events that led up to Summerslam 2002. Shawn isn't the same Shawn that was around during the days of the Kliq but I am looking forward to Shawn's involved at Survivor Series. As for the Game, who cares about Triple H, I hope that he loses at Survivor Series. I really hate Triple H.

Three Minute Warning vs. the Dudley Boys was my Bathroom Match of the night. It is not because it was a bad match. It is just because I really had to go to the bathroom.


Tough Enough 3 must still be on the air because Chris Nowinski had to wrestle Al Snow. Chris Nowinski gets the win by cheating of course. Then Maven comes down and attacks Nowinski. I like Chris Nowinski but the WWE needs to get him to break the whole "Tough Enough" label. Feuding with Maven is not going to help.

Only one F-View segment tonight and it sucked. I'm sorry but watching a hot chick hit a guy with a cane is not appealing to me. Steven Richards needs to be released. I can't stand him anymore.


The RNN was a funny segment. I am just hoping that Randy Orton can come back soon. The RNN segments can only go so far. Let's see what you can do in the ring for the crowd.

Test and Steven Richards vs. Goldust and The Hurricane was a horrible match. "Don't you ever grab one of my "Testicles" ever again. I like the direction that Test is going in. It still pissed me off that a guy like Test can get a girl like Stacey Kiebler. They are a couple in real life.

Good confrontation between Booker T and Triple H. It was hilarious when Triple H gave Booker T the middle finger. "Don't hate the finger, hate the Game."

I thought that Booker T was going to win the main event but oh well. It really wasn't about the match. All of the participants in the Elimination Chamber match came down and beat the hell out of each other. I was surprised that Chris Jericho was the last person shown standing as RAW went off the air.

I would have to say that I broke even with tonight's episode of RAW. This RAW was used to really hype Survivor Series especially the Elimination Chamber match. It did a nice job doing that. I am really curious to see who wins the Elimination Chamber match. The tag team tables match is a good one too. The Hardcore Women's title match…well…let's just hope that neither of the ladies will be wearing pants. It was great to be back in Wheeling. There will be Survivor Series predictions this Friday.

Peace Out,

Dan Glamour

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