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Backlash 2002 Predictions-April 19, 2002

Welcome to the Outside Perception….err….the Perfect Influence. Hell if I know what you call this column. The boss and I have decided to combine our columns for today so that we can give you our takes on WWF Backlash. Everything I write will be in italics and the boss' stuff will be in regular font. So without further ado…I'm Dan Glamour and…The PerfectOne.

Bradshaw vs. Scott Hall 
This match was originally supposed to be Scott Hall/X-Pac vs. Kane/Bradshaw but since Kane is hurt this is what we are stuck with. The NWO needs a major push right now or I would have to say the WWF version of the NWO was a complete failure. With the exception of the whole Rock getting run over in an ambulance sketch, the NWO hasn't done a whole heck of a lot. So
I am going to say that Scott Hall is going to get the win here and X-Pac will probably interfere in the process.
Winner: Scott Hall

Raw needs to develop some new top-level stars.  This match is going to help in sending Bradshaw to the top of the Raw roster.  He's already teamed with "Stone Cold" Steve Austin in a Raw Main Event, with him getting the victory over X Pac this past week.  As Dan stated, the nWo has not really had a major impact on the WWF yet, and I do not believe it is going to start at Backlash.  Look for Bradshaw to be pushed to the moon.  (Just give him a first name, already.)
Winner:  Bradshaw

Brock Lesnar (with Paul Heyman) vs. Jeff  Hardy 
This match is not going to be pretty. Brock Lesnar is going to win this one. In fact this match is going to be Jeff Hardy taking some major bumps away Lesnar. I don't see this being the end of the Lesnar/Heyman and Team Xtreme feud though. Don't be surprised if Lita gets the snot beat out of her.
Winner: Brock Lesnar

Brock Lesnar is the future of the WWF.  Brock Lesnar is a monster.  Brock Lesnar is the next big thing.  Brock Lesnar is going to squash Jeff Hardy, Matt Hardy, and Lita all at once.  Oh yeah, Paul Heyman is going to say something great!
Winner:  Brock Lesnar

Billy & Chuck (with Rico) vs. Al Snow & Maven 
For the WWF Tag Team Championship
I'm not sure how the ratings for Tough Enough 2 are but I bet that it will play a part into who wins this match. In my opinion Maven shouldn't even be in the WWF right now. Again this is another WWF Smackdown feud so I don't know this has been played out. Spoilers can only tell a person what happened but it is not as good as watching it. So I see Billy & Chuck retaining because Al Snow and Maven don't look good as team.
Winners: Billy & Chuck

Al Snow and Maven have not had the long exposure as a tag team yet.  Because of this, they are still a bit "green" (with Maven being green in general).  Billy and Chuck have really jelled (no pun intended) together as a team, and with the addition of Rico to their camp, they will probably be on top of the tag division for a while yet.  They're the hottest team the WWF has seen since Well Dunn (for you old-timers out there).
Winners:  Billy & Chuck

Jazz vs. Trish Stratus 
For the WWF Women's Championship
This is the match where you can either use the bathroom or refill the bowl of cheese balls. I'm sick of seeing these two wrestle each other. Trish doesn't belong in a wrestling ring, she belongs on my wall or in my bed. Jazz hasn't been a strong Women's champion. The WWF hasn't done enough to build this woman's personality. Take a look at Jazz during her ECW days and it is like watching a different woman. I really don't care about this match but I think Trish is going to rewin the title.
Winner and new champion: Trish Stratus

The WWF wants to push the Women's Division, but they continually do it the wrong way.  In this match, Molly Holly will try to assist Jazz in retaining the title, but Trish will be able to overcome this obstacle.  Jazz has been an unproductive champion, and has not helped whatsoever in building this division.  Trish, on the other hand, has been one of the most popular female grapplers (although this does not say much) in recent memory and may be the only person to help jump-start this division.
Winner and new champion:  Trish Stratus

Rob Van Dam vs. Eddie Guerrero 
For the WWF Intercontinental Championship
This will be the match of the night. I am really looking forward to this one even though I won't be getting Backlash. There is going to be a lot of spectacular moves in this one. Rob Van Dam is going to retain the title but I see Eddie attacking RVD after the match thus keeping this feud going.
Winner: Rob Van Dam

This is a hard one to call.  On one hand, RVD has been an immensely popular competitor since joining the WWF (as a part of the Alliance) last year.  On the other, Eddie Guerrero is making his return and how better to establish yourself than by taking a major championship in your first PPV match back.  Eddie is really pumped up now, too, as he is looking to be in perhaps the best shape in his life.  However, Van Dam should retain, pissing Guerrero off.  It will be a close match.  No matter what happens, Latino Heat and RVD will continue this feud after this night is over.
Winner:  Rob Van Dam

Kidman vs. Tajiri (with Torrie) 
For the WWF Cruiserweight Championship
This match should be interesting. I look for Kidman to not only retain the Cruiserweight title but to get the girl too. Now I don't think there will be screwjob but I definitely think that Tagiri will be breaking up with Torrie as a result of this match. Torrie will inadvertedly happen to cause Tajiri to lose the match. 
Winner: "The Luckiest Bastard Alive" Billy Kidman (because he is engaged to Torrie Wilson)

The WWF wants to also build up the Cruiserweight Division.  Kidman has had limited visibility in the WWF, and is not yet over with the fans.  Tajiri is over, and appears to be becoming a heel.  Torrie will be joining Kidman after this match, especially if Tajiri cheats to win.  I think Rey Mysterio, Jr. may be debuting soon, as well (if he hasn't yet by now).
Winner and new champion:  Tajiri

Edge vs. Kurt Angle 
I've seen this one before too. I don't watch WWF Smackdown so I am not familiar with how things are going between the two. I will say Edge wins this one because Kurt Angle is over and losing won't hurt him as much as it would Edge. 
Winner: Edge

Edge or Kurt Angle.  The WWF wants to push Edge as a superstar of the next generation, but at the same time, needs to maintain Angle as one of the top heels on Smackdown.  These two have fought each other so much in the past, it is somewhat difficult to call.  Angle needs to be pushed more than Edge in the near future in order to maintain his credibility.
Winner:  Kurt Angle

Stone Cold Steve Austin vs. Undertaker
No. 1 Contenders Match
Special referee: Ric Flair
'm going to go out on a limb and say that the Undertaker is going to win this one. Ric Flair likes Austin a little too much. Ric Flair is also a face so when tries to screw the Undertaker, it will backfire. Thus an Austin vs. Flair feud. 
Winner: The Undertaker

Undertaker or Austin?  Undertaker or Austin?  Who could possibly win this match?  I agree with Dan Glamour that Flair is going to try to screw the Undertaker, but that is not what will determine the outcome of the match.  Vince McMahon will be at Backlash, has a friendship with the Undertaker, and a hatred of both Flair and Austin.  How else could he better get back at Flair or Austin than by screwing them both and assisting the Undertaker.
Winner:  The Undertaker

Triple H vs. Hollywood Hulk Hogan
For the Undisputed WWF Championship
If it is the "undisputed" championship, then what is all the fighting about? As I have said before, this match will only be as good as the Rock vs. Hogan match at Wrestlemania XVIII. I'm going out on another limb here. Hulk Hogan will become the Undisputed WWF Champion. He will then face the Undertaker and lose the title to him. That will set up an Undertaker vs.Triple H match for the Undisputed Title at Judgment Day. It makes more sense for the Undertaker to have the belt in a match like that. Fans could have cared less if the Undertaker was going to beat Triple H for the title. Now the fans can get behind the face which happens to be Triple H. 
Winner and new champion: Hollywood Hulk Hogan

Raw needs to add some flavor to the show in order to help build it up.  As over as Triple H is, Hogan is larger than life right now.  Hogan does not have much wrestling left in him either, which makes this more fitting.  Hogan will win the title at Backlash.  Triple H will go to Smackdown, and Hogan will try to draw some ratings for Raw.  With this scenario, the re-rematch from the Gravest Challenge of Survivor Series 1991 will go down (first rematch was Tuesday in Texas where Flair tried to help Undertaker, only to backfire and Hogan would regain the title-he lost it at Survivor Series), and we could possibly see some classic interaction between Hogan the wrestler and Flair the owner.  It is no secret that these two legends have had their on-screen battles in the past, but not in the WWF.  It's about to happen.
Winner and new champion:  Hollywood Hulk Hogan 

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